The Greer Hive Times

2017-2018 Staff

Meghan Kremp


Hello! My name is Ms. Kremp. I am new to Newspaper and excited to learn from my team. I would describe myself as a mix between Monica Gellar from "Friends" and Rory Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls." My favorite colors are blue and white, and can be seen wearing a mixture of those two everyday.

Emily Robertson

Staff Writer

My name is Emily Robertson and this is my second year of newspaper. I listen to xxxtentacion, watch “Grey’s Anatomy,” and am in love with food. I do have a love/hate relationship with popcorn though. I like newspaper because I can be social and talk to people, so please talk to me :) Fun fact: ...

Jayna De Pauw

Staff Writer

Heyo. I’m Jayna De Pauw. I’m brand new to the newspaper and to high school in general. I am in the Greer High Marching Band, I love dogs more than you know, and I love to eat mac and cheese while watching “The Flash” in my free time. If there were to be a giant, time traveling machine, I would...

Thomas Hicks

Staff Writer

Hello guys and girls my name is Thomas like the train. This is my first year of journalism. Plus I'm a train wreck (pun intended). I'm addicted to Ben and Jerry's ice cream, specifically the “tonight dough.” My sport is eating and I love to binge watch “Shane Dawson” and go thrift shopping. I...

Anna Allen

Staff Writer

My name is Anna Allen, AA for short and this is my second year in newspaper. I have four dogs, a cat, and a turtle. I am an extreme lover of animals and people. My diet consists of chicken nuggets and Dr. Pepper and they help in fueling my happiness. I am not involved in any sports because I do not ...

Myriah Keyser

Staff Writer

What’s up homeskillet?! My name is Myriah Keyser. I live the fandom life. Some of my fandoms include “Lord of the Rings”, “Star Wars”, “Supernatural” etc. I actually love to read books, they’re like a transportation device to another world. I fluently speak in sarcasm and movie quotes. On...

Emily Williams


Hey, my name is Emily Williams (Will.I.ams). I have been taking newspaper since my freshman year, and I am currently a Junior. I enjoy taking pictures of sports, not so much writing, but that’s okay :). I used to be super shy, idk what happened. I like making people laugh and yeahhhh so… The End...

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