Spirit Week: Raising Funds for Greer Relief


Gisselle Marines

Spirit week is when everyone’s school spirit shines through. All students had fun participating in the different themes each day such as the infamous “anything but a backpack” day or the popular “Adam Sandler” day. The student government was responsible for selection of the events, themes, and food items sold each day. When I asked how difficult it was for the student government to come up with themes and push for their approval, one member claimed it was “… ” Another way money was earned was the “jail a friend” promotion – students could pay for their friends to be sent to “jail” for $2; it cost $5 to bail them out. 


Alongside the dress-up themes, GHS students took the time out of their days to sell different foods each day and offer special items like sweet tea and donuts most of the week. The food sold came from different chains such as Merrell’s Pizza™, Zaxby’s™, Bojangles™, The Clock™, and many more! There were also promotions at different restaurants saying they would give a portion of their profits earned that night to GHS. If it weren’t for their cooperation and the help of the GHS student volunteers, then Spirit Week may not have been as successful as it was. 


One more way money was earned were contests and event entry fees. There was a Car show, Lip Sync Battle, Family Feud event, a Powderpuff game, and even a movie night! There was a pep rally held at the end of the week showing the total amount of money gathered. Thanks to the students and staff buying/selling tickets and snacks and promoting the events of that week, the end total came to a whopping $23,300! Greer Relief is a group formed to lend a fellow neighbor a helping hand, so the donated sum will most definitely help many keep peace in mind knowing they’re being taken care of. 


Spirit week was such a success this year! As a member of the Student Council last year, I was so happy to see the increase of the amount of money we had on the check. Greer Relief was ecstatic to receive the check we gave them. We picked Greer Relief to help people around our community, and provide for local needs. I cannot wait to see what next year’s Council brings with it.