Final Message: Goodbye to 2023 Seniors


Gisselle Marines

As the school year comes to a close and summer is only a week away, many have just finished saying their goodbyes to the graduating seniors of 2023. Walking through the halls now, you can see those giving hugs and gifts to those that will not be returning to GHS next year. Alongside those people are those that have shed a few tears or even sobbed openly at the thought of seeing their friends go. There is no shame in doing so; it is reasonable to be upset at seeing our friends that have been with us for so long (or even for only a semester) leave GHS for one final time. 


Through many exchanges, I’ve seen the same 2 reactions in different seniors: excited and ready to leave, or incredibly upset to bid their High School career farewell. It’s exciting to start a new chapter in life, but in order to do so, we must bid the last chapter farewell. In one conversation I had with a graduating senior, they said they were excited to leave Greer High: “Yeah it’s sad, but I get to go do stuff I want to do.” Tears were shed and embraces were exchanged, and yet one thing still remains: no matter what happens, this isn’t the end, but only the beginning of a whole new exciting chapter to come!


With a final hug and handshake, we will see our seniors walk the stage. Whether you perceive it as having gone by in an instant or held out for too long, this journey is now coming to a close. My final message to the graduating class of 2023: may you prosper in all that you do and achieve whatever you set your mind to! Best of luck in your endeavors and make GHS proud!