A New Semester is Upon Us


Gisselle Marines

The end of the semester is here, and students are feeling very mixed emotions. Some students are excited while others loathe the change. One student even said that it doesn’t matter since they’re graduating early. Some are optimistic about the change. One student calls it “a fresh start” while another calls it their “light at the end of the tunnel.” Others were more negative. One student claimed that the next semester would be miserable because they would be away from their friends. Another complained that they would be stuck with their more difficult classes. 


The cycle of school is that things are stressful in the beginning of the semester, but calm down after a few weeks. Students become more accustomed to their surroundings, and teachers are more relaxed with students. The cycle resets by the time semester 2 begins, making students go back into panic mode. In the end, things tend to work out fine, and new friendships are crafted. The more these students are used to change, the less stressed they become when the new semester begins.