Virtual Enterprise: Getting Down to Business


Gisselle Marines

Of all the available courses in GHS, the one class highly recommended for future entrepreneurs is Virtual Enterprise. According to one student, “Virtual Enterprise is a quality opportunity to receive work experience in an office environment. It allows you to meet new people and increase your knowledge of the business world.” The concept of the class is to create a business and learn about all the internal and external struggles of running a business/company. Regarding competitions, VE has participated in numerous competitions regarding Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Branding Packets, an Elevator Pitch, Website Design, and a Newsletter Competition. They are able to choose their own pace of progression while meeting deadlines. This year, the students chose “Scrambled” as their business.“Scrambld” made top 3 in the State Business Plan Competition. 

From the interviews I’ve conducted with students currently in the VE course, I’ve determined that students that participate grow skills in collaborative projects and an improvement in social skills. Students have to apply for this class and undergo an interview process. They are looking for more students to recruit that would like to get first-hand experience in running their own business.