The Art Program: Bringing Awareness


Gisselle Marines

Out of the numerous related arts classes offered at Greer High, many students flock towards the art program. Many of those who sign up are either interested in pursuing art as a career or side job while others sign up believing it’s an easy credit. This is a common misconception; art is indeed fun, but in order to receive an acceptable grade, effort must be put forth. They are the ones responsible for the beautiful pieces of artwork displayed in the entrance of the school. These members also work each year to create the infamous “Bubba” the Tiger for our rivalry football game against Blue Ridge High School. 


There is also an art club. The Art Club is responsible for providing the tiger at the tiger burn, and the beautiful art displayed outside of the school during Christmas time; they also attend festivals. According to Art Club member Rasha, “The Art Club is a fun environment where you get to explore the wonderful world of art. Their current project is the large Christmas card located in the front of the school.”