G-Force: Marching their Way to the State Championship


Gisselle Marines and Jamie Arrowwood

Our Greer High School Band is a colorful array of characters from all grade levels. Each of them under the new direction of Mr. David Keller. Even if it is his first year at Greer High, he has big plans for our band and an even bigger heart. The band puts in hours of hard work to deliver only the best at their concerts and Greer football games. 


The Tournament of Bands was the competition that our band competed in on September 24, 2022. Their performance was well crafted and titled “The Tin Man,” inspired by the character from the well-known “Wizard of Oz.” Keller chose this theme because the Tin Man is a character that is easy to get behind. He is often portrayed depending on the Wizard of Oz to find his heart, but he realizes that along his way, he forged his own path and that he had a heart all along. For his first year as Greer High’s band director, he wanted to create a memorable experience to pave the way for success for the band for years to come. 


In an interview with Drum Major Cameron Vinkemulder, they said they were quite fond of the Tin Man theme: “I feel like it’ll be an interesting story to portray, and we can take it a lot of different directions.” Not only is Cameron a fan of the theme, many other Marching Band members have grown affection for the Tin Man story. “We’ve heard a lot of the Judge’s tapes from our competitions, and they’ve said that the theme is very clear to see, and that’s really what you want. You want people to know what your show’s about,” said Timothy Lauriault(Marching Band member of 4 years).


Often known to be the graceful people running across the field and performing gorgeous choreography, the Color Guard’s hard work is often overlooked. As someone who has participated in their activities and practice sessions, it’s amazing how determined and persevering these individuals are. They add a touch of extra flair to the field, and they always leave the audience in shock and awe at their performances.


When asked what their favorite part about being in the G-Force is, many students said it was  the bonds that are created. “You can make a lot of bonds with people in the group,” said Jazzmi, “You make a bunch of new friends, and it’s just really fun. You’ll have a good time.” The G-Force earned 4th place in the Upper State Band Competition at BHP and qualify for the upcoming state championship competition.