A Magical Production: Puffs


Gisselle Marines


After the Theater Department’s success with their productions “Hairspray” and “One Christmas Eve at Evergreen Mall”, Ms. Gregg decided to surprise the students with their next project in the play “Puffs”.

The musical “Puffs” is something long awaited by many theater students. In an interview with Ms. Gregg, a lot of students were interested in working on Puffs last year, but to obtain all the necessary equipment/props would cost way more than the budget would permit. Thankfully, another school who had already produced the play agreed to donate the equipment needed to bring this magical production to life. 

Puffs is said to be a comedy filled play in which the series of events in Harry Potter is told in the perspective of the Hufflepuff house. According to Ms. Gregg, a lot of students were excited by the idea; there were said to be at least 20 people showing up to auditions, and they have all been recruited to aid the production of the play in some way.

As to why a Harry Potter themed play was picked, Ms. Gregg states, “This is one of the most produced shows for high schools, and I chose to do it because it’s really funny, and audiences connect with it whether they love Harry Potter or not, but the Harry Potter theme really does bring in audience members, and I’m trying to get a bigger audience this year than I had last year.” 

November 10, 2022 is said to be the opening night for this comical production, and as senior student Auden Banks stated, “It always comes together in the end, and we’ll be happy that we did it.”

Puffs Cast List:

Narrator – Brooke Styles

Wayne Hopkins – Aleks Chickonoski

Oliver Rivers – Ethan Clayton

Megan Jones – Evie Alford

Cedric/ Mr. Voldy – Jabari Baines

Ernie Mack/ A Very Tall Man/ Seamus/ Mr. Nick- Emily Weldon

Hannah/ Professor Lanny/ Runes Teach – Jasmine Tucker

J Finch Fletchley/ Viktor/ Mr. Bagman/ Clumsy Longbottom – Emily Clegg

Leanne – Auden Uhl-Banks

Sally Perks – Mia Johnson

Susie Bones – Kat Young

Harry – Raegan Pusateri

1st Headmaster/Professor McG/ Xavia Jones – TBD

Certain Potions Master/ 2nd Headmaster – Adam Richardson

Uncle Dave/Zach Smith/ Goyle/ Colin/ Sal/ Prof. Lockey – Kris Chickonoski

Bippy/ Dragon/ Ginny/ Myrtle – Galaxy Brock

Hermeoone/ Blondo Malfoy/ Rowena – Kimberly Jaramillo Elvira

Professor Sprouty – Hermeoone #2/ Ric Gryff/ Scorpy/ Helga – Jacquelyn Lilyea

Ghost History Teacher/ Professor Turban/ Real Mr. Moody/ Fat Friar – Miller Greene

Frenchy/ Rita Scooter/ Professor Babble – Christasia Williams

Death Buddies/Extra Students – Thinh Vu, Margaret Jinright, Kinsley Bailey