Reigning Miss Greer High School

Reigning Miss Greer High School

Lauren Major

The 24th annual Miss Greer High School Pageant will be held Saturday, January 10th. Eleven talented Greer High students will compete in casual wear, evening gown, talent, and interview for the coveted title. The reigning Miss Greer High School, Lyndsey Cloninger, has spent the past year representing her community and will pass her legacy on to one deserving contestant. In honor of her incredible year of service, I am interviewing Lyndsey Cloninger about her time as Miss Greer High School.


When you look back on the past year, what has been your favorite memory from your reign as Miss Greer High School?


I would say my favorite part of my reign is overall all of the community service I have done and being able to give back to a community that has given so much to me.


How has your participation in this pageant impacted your life?


A big thing that usually is unnoticed is the interview skills that participating has taught me and the ability to talk comfortably in front of many people.


Your unique talent caught the audience’s attention during last year’s pageant. Can you explain your talent and how you came to be interested in this talent?


 I did sign language to a song as my talent. I watched a TV show where they used sign language and it was the first time I ever saw it and it piqued my interest. From then on I taught myself sign language little by little and I hope to one day be fluent.


Participation in pageants requires a strong support system. How has your support system helped you both during the pageant and throughout your reign?


I am lucky enough to have an awesome mom and step mom who work together to make all my pageant dreams come true. Debbie Brown has also been the best mentor and I am so thankful for her.


As your reign comes to an end, What do you want people to remember you for during your time as Miss Greer High School?


I hope they remember the service I provided for our community and the little things I did that can hopefully make a big difference one day.


What advice do you have for the contestants as they prepare for the pageant?


My biggest advice would be to just get comfortable. It can be a really scary idea, but when you are up there enjoying it becomes fun and the fact that you are on stage in front of everyone does not seem to be as big of a big deal as you might have initially tho