Retiring Teachers: The Lasting Impact of Respected Educators


Diana Cruz

   The teachers at Greer High School are very important to our community. Many have been here for over 40 years, and some have just started their careers at Greer High School. Some of our most cherished teachers are retiring this school year. We will continue honoring our teachers as they move on to the next chapter in their lives. 

    Mr. Norman was just announced to be the teacher of the year of 2021-2022. He’s left a great impact and will continue to leave an impact on the school even though he decided to retire from teaching this year. He started his career at Greer High school fifteen years ago as the Band Director and teacher. He has taught his students many great qualities in life but also has taught them how to be better musicians. One of his fellow students, Katie Banks says, “Mr. Norman is an amazing teacher who inspires every student he comes in contact with.” He will be leaving inspired students that have a great future. 

    Mrs. Coggins has been a teacher at Greer High School for 28 years. She has taught math and computer science during her time at Greer High. Mrs. Coggins graduated from Greer High School and has also taught at Southside High School and Spartanburg Technical College. She has always tried to change students’ mindsets and get them prepared for college. She has always liked to interact with her kids and get involved with the school spirit. All of her students love her and will miss her very much. 

     Mrs. Brown has been at Greer High school for fifteen years. She has been a front office clerk at Greer during this time. She created the Miss Greer High School Pageant as a band fundraiser and has been the head of it for 24 years. She volunteers for Miss South Carolina and other organizations. One of her dear students says, “I think she is the most fabulous human being to ever walk this earth.” She will continue to be a part of Miss Greer High and Greer High events, but she will retire from being the front office clerk. Her students will miss her dearly and are grateful she impacted them. 

     Mr. Raghib is another teacher that is retiring. He has taught at Greer High School for 17 ½ years. He has taught science and engineering while at Greer High School. He is most well-known for being one of students favorite Chemistry teachers. One of his past students, Jenna, says, “Mr. Raghib has one of the hardest classes but always finds a way to keep his kids laughing and always has a way of teaching all the material.” Mr. Raghib’s students will miss his class and sense of humor when he leaves this year.