Classes at the Core of Greer High School


Lyndsey Cloninger

From Shakespeare to Seuss and King Henry to Kamala Harris our language and history is constantly evolving and reflecting. The same can be said for Greer’s English and History departments. The English department welcomes the challenge of embracing works of the past and integrating them into relevant projects for the present. AP, IB and Dual Credit English courses work daily to educate students on grammar and writing as well as the important underlying meanings of poems and novels. The Social Studies department makes the retelling of history inviting for all, using relevant tactics to approach repetitive topics. Dinner parties with Pruitt, mock court with Morrison, and political brackets with Jenkins are just a few examples of the hands-on activities used in our history classes. Both departments rely on information from the past to pave the way for the future of Greer High Students.

It’s not just arithmetic and metric conversions at Greer 一Our math and science courses offer a variety of levels including AP, IB, and Dual Credit courses. Teachers strive every day to make their classes as interesting as possible, including a variation of activities to peak their students’ interest. You can find science classes taking place in the lab, outside, or in the halls collecting data and making observations. Math classes can be seen solving equations or bringing the equations to life. No matter the capacity, the math and science teams constantly look back to the classic lessons, but bring them back in exciting and compelling ways