Bonds: A Graduation Plus Opportunity


Lauren Major, Copy Writer

Greer High juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take classes at the J. Harley Bonds Career Center as a part of Graduation Plus, which is a program within Greenville County Schools that promotes graduating high school with technological certifications and college credit. Bonds offers career-specific classes, allowing students to earn certifications necessary to enter the workforce. The Bonds Career Center has a variety of options for students to explore their career interests. Some of the courses offered include, but are not limited to:  welding, cosmetology, culinary arts, firefighting, and mechatronics. The J. Harley Bonds Career Center is an incredible opportunity for Greer High students planning on entering the workforce directly after graduation and offers a unique advantage with the experience, connections, and certifications that can be obtained. 

One course, Diesel Technology, is constantly growing because of the interest of our students. Students gain skills in repairing engines, supplying fuel, and operating hydraulics, lights, suspension and breaks. Senior, CJ Massey, decided to join Bonds last year because of his interest in cars. When asked, he stated, “I joined Diesel at Bonds because it is something I love doing. It never gets boring and is something that I am interested in pursuing as a career. Bonds has helped me become more prepared for my life after high school, and I can’t wait to make a lot of money in the future.”