Greer Safely Celebrates With A Senior Soiree


Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

Despite the hardships of this year, there is still time to celebrate our juniors and seniors!  Instead of prom, due to the remnants of the COVID-19, come celebrate with the Senior Soiree and the car parade.


The Senior Soiree serves as an apropos prom during the year of COVID.  Students are designated to pods consisting of eight people where guests are free to eat, dance, and celebrate their last years of high school in their given pod.


Unfortunately, a classic prom was not viable given we are in the tail end of the pandemic, but spirits are high with a liu ao theme.  Plus, this prom is historical, and different from any else that will come in the next few years — you are a part of history.


Even though celebrations are being thrown under less than ideal circumstances, they are celebrations nonetheless and still have plenty of festivities to enjoy.  Come out and celebrate with your fellow jackets!