Greer Prepares For The New Semester


Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

Hopefully, the final COVID full semester rolls around after an unprecedented holiday.  Students were welcomed by plexi-glass on desks and faces, bringing in a new set of classes with guidelines of course.


Greenville county has switched to a 75% attendance plan as of MLK day.  Classrooms put their plexi-glass to use, allowing students to safely sit closer than 6 feet apart.  With more students and new classes, a lively energy has revamped the energy of Greer High School’s halls more than a regular semester would.


Overall, Greer High’s energy always reinvigorates with the semester change, a welcome change at that.  This attendance plan has beat out the mid-year slough and now invites more energized and social students to study harder, better, and have a better time at school altogether.