Smith Wins Teacher of the Year

Smith Wins Teacher of the Year

Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

Teacher of the year is a prestigious award passed to teachers in Greer High School whose hard work and educational dedication earns more recognition than is normally given to our teachers working hard  to educate their pupils.  This is a tradition that is as much of a shock to its winners as it is an honor.  Please congratulate 2021 teacher of the year, Mrs. Smith.


This past week I asked her about her experience winning, what it means to her, and how she won the honor.  Here is what she had to say.


H: How did it feel to win this award?


S: I was truly shocked. We have a faculty of wonderful teachers and to be selected totally blew my mind. I’m still not sure I have wrapped my mind around the whole idea.


H: What practice do you think earned you this award?


S: More than anything I think it is  my experience both in the classroom and working with teachers. My relationships with the Greer Community probably helped. During my years at Greer Middle I taught some of the GHS staff and many of my students’ parents.


H: How do you engage your students?


S: I attempt to make our studies relate to the students. Regardless of the history topic we are studying, I want students to understand what it means to them. I think it helps that I’m a pretty good story teller.


H: What is your goal with teaching?


S: My goal has always been to instill a love of learning in my students. With that idea I want all my students to understand they can learn and grow.


Many teachers work hard to engage and inspire their students in a similar capacity as Mrs. Smith.  They often work tirelessly for their students and each of their futures, but some merit extra recognition.  That being said, it is no small feat on Mrs. Smith’s part to win this award.  Be sure to congratulate Mrs. Smith when you get a chance whether you are her student or not.


Congratulations, Mrs. Smith!