Leader McVicker Braves Pandemic and Bags Greer High All Stars Teacher Award


Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

Despite their prominence, teachers can be overlooked.  The people that provide a noble service are often barred from recognition for a service we all have benefited from: education.  However Greer High has combated this discrepancy in praise by establishing various awards including the Greer High All-Stars award.  The most recent recipient is math department leader, Mrs. McVicker,  a devoted teacher committed to educating students and making math easy.


Many of us know the challenges mathematics present.  With derivatives, square roots, and sometimes more vocabulary words than an English class, concepts are hard to keep straight amidst a maelstrom of numbers, words, and general confusion.  Mrs. McVicker, and the department she leads, brave the storm each class presents.  For her, math was easy when she was in high school.  In fact, she tutored other students in high school and college.


Even with the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, Mrs. McVicker uses a variety of digital resources to teach her students.  When asked on how she will continue the practice that won her the Greer High All-Stars award, she claimed cooperation is the key to braving the challenges of the 2020 school year.  Cooperation continues outside the classroom as well.  Being the math department leader, she shares each triumph the department makes with the friends and colleagues she has made during her time here.


Mrs. McVicker is part of a team of expert mathematicians who teach a concept that may have come easy to them, but can for their pupils as well.  It is no small feat to have won this award in spite of the pandemic.


Be sure to congratulate Mrs. McVicker!