Show Your School Spirit With Blitz Week!

Show Your School Spirit With Blitz Week!

Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

Despite the challenges of social distancing and precautions necessary amidst COVID-19, Greer students are eager to get into the school spirit.  In an unconventional blitz week (spanning two weeks) various activities in and out of school are taking place from October 26 to November 6.


As this is written, many students are dressed in their best casual and hawaiian wear, teachers are wearing hawaiian necklaces, and the school holds a floral tone.  Today hosts activities like dodgeball, and a drive-in at the Clock of Greer.


Later this week, is the jersey days on Wednesday and Thursday.  Students will boast the merch of his/her favorite team, sparking contention between rivals and peers.  Later those two days are the pumpkin carving contest.  Show off your artistic and carving abilities to @greerhigh.  These events will be followed by a football game at Boiling Springs High.


The final week of Blitz week will hold the election day, meaning no school, and on Monday, America day.  You may or may not show off your patriotism with red, white, and blue apparel.  Next are the farmer days.  Overalls, straw hats, flannel shirts, do it all for your school spirit.  All this will culminate in two football games, one against Blue Ridge on Thursday and the homecoming game on Friday.


Be sure to display your Jacket pride in the coming weeks.