Different From The Pack: Coach Barbare Wins Greer Teacher Of The Year

Coach Barbare smiling for her award.

Coach Barbare smiling for her award.

Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

PE class can often be a dreaded subject for students, but this does not have to be the case.  Coach Barbare, winner of the 2020-21 teacher of the year award plans on continuing her learning and differentiate her program from the common PE program.


The common PE class has a habit of alienating some students, however Barbare aims to ameliorate this habit with her unique program.  Barbare stated, “I work to create a family-like environment within my PE classes where everyone is valued, accepted, and respected. I try to appeal to all of my student’s unique learning styles and needs so that everyone has a chance to be successful while in my class.”  On top of this, Barbare will play music to provide an upbeat tone to the gym.  With good music, spirits are high, and the atmosphere shifts to a more welcoming tone.


Amidst COVID-19 there is a unique challenge facing PE teachers across the country.  This year, Barbare and the other PE staff she credits as being a key component to her success have added mountain biking to their curriculum.  Coach Barbare even stated that she and her colleagues have many surprises planned for this year.


The gym has always been an unconventional classroom, and should be treated as such.  Barbare addresses this aptly with playing music, participating in the activities with her students, and the familial aspects uncommon to other classrooms.  Barbare describes herself as a perpetual learner and is constantly working to improve the learning and experience of her students.  Be sure to congratulate Coach Barbare, and get excited for the surprises she and the other coaches have in store for you this year if you are in PE.