Bikes Needed For New PE Curriculum


Coach Landreth, Barbare, and their class posing with new additions to bike collection.

Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

In lieu of the pandemic, Greer has launched a new addition to the usual PE curriculum: mountain biking.  


Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, coach Barbare and coach Landreth have launched a bike drive in which community members donate mountain bikes, helmets, and other bike equipment.  Barbare and Landreth were tasked at the start of the year to think outside of the box and come up with a fun and new way of getting students active, and came up with adding bikes to PE.


Some patrons like Tom and senior Faith Marsland were generous enough to already donate some to our program, but all new donations are welcome.

Both Barbare and Landreth are eager to teach students about endurance training, endorphin building, and even bike upkeep.  However, they currently lack an adequate number of bikes.  Jackets, be sure to donate any spare equipment you may have.  PE and gym class will get a lot more interesting with this new addition to the class other than the standard basketball, volleyball, or the dreaded dodgeball.


For more information refer to coach Barbare or Landreth.