New Football Coach, Ravnell, Trains Perseverance — Not Just Defense

Coach Ravnell posing for first picture at Greer.

Coach Ravnell posing for first picture at Greer.

Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

Among the many new faces teaching at Greer is teacher/coach Ravnell.  Both the math and football department welcome his talent for an unusual but hopeful 2020/2021 school year.


A long time math fanatic, athlete, and native South Carolinian, Coach Ravnell comes from Stratford high school where he explored his passion for math and football while also participating in other activities such as track, wrestling, and even chess.  With this passion for math and mentoring, Ravnell has described teaching and coaching students as a calling.  He aims to encourage even the most discouraged students and teach them not only arithmetic but discipline and perseverance as well. Ravnell confided that math has always been easy for him, but he believes that “If they [students] put a little effort into it they would feel the same way I do about it.”


Just like how football players need to train hard and adhere to their regiment, the same goes for students.  Perseverance against the harshest subjects is a muscle just like any other, and Ravnell aims to inspire students to train it.  On and off the field, whether it is algebra, prob and stats, or defense, Ravnell is a coach.


Outside of school, Coach Ravnell enjoys watching anime, playing sports with his family, and just all around staying active.  Jackets, be sure to welcome Coach Ravnell to teaching and coaching at Greer.