Alumni, Arwood Returns to Teach at Alma Mater


Mr. Arwood posing with his wife, Emily, and boykin spaniel, Penny.

Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

One of the best parts of being a student at Greer is the tight-knit community this school forms.  So many teachers will talk about students’ lives and make them feel a connection beyond the standard teacher-student dynamic.  A main factor in this is Greer’s proneness to returning teachers.  Many teachers once were in the same positions we are in now.  Some these teachers are Mrs. Yount, Ms. Rollins, and now Mr. Arwood.


A self described “Greer Guy,” Mr. Arwood teaches biology this year.  Though he is not new to teaching.  While being new to being in front of the promethean board at Greer High, this is his fifth year teaching, not counting the service learning in which he taught at Dunbar elementary in high school.  Arwood even mentioned his time at Dunbar being a main inspiration for him to teach, as well as Mrs. Neely, and Coach Perry.


Outside of school, Mr.Arwood enjoys to spend time with his wife, Emily, and go bird hunting with their boykin spaniel, Penny.  He also enjoys fishing, quail hunting, and of course, football.  Be sure to welcome Mr.Arwood back to our community.