Students Fly High with Early Schedules

Alexis Eccles, Staff Writer

GREER — Before the start of the 2015-2016 school year, the guidance office sent out student schedules in the mail and set up an online schedule change system.  For old Greer High School students, this was a new concept, one that allowed for smoother schedule changes.  The system also effectively removed some of the stress of the first day.

The system was appreciated throughout a majority of the student body.  Senior Chandler Hyatt said, “I had time to request a schedule change without going to the guidance office and having everyone all crowded together.”

The downside of this system was the fact that not all of the students received their schedules ahead of time.  Junior Conner Van Reijn said, “I was lost without it.”

The system also removed a bit of stress from the guidance office.  Greer High School Guidance Counselor Amelia Stringer said, “We were able to make scheduling changes before school started.” 

When asked about her expectations for the new system, Stringer said, “Students would have a chance to review their schedules and would feel better about the first day of school.”