Physical Education Department Welcomes Coach Santos.

Coach Santos portrait on School Website

Coach Santos’ portrait on School Website

Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

Amid this new school year there are many new faces, and this extends beyond the freshmen, there are also new teachers.  The physical education department welcomes Coach Santos.


Coach Santos is an experienced soccer coach and physical education teacher.  Coaching at Carolina FC and our own soccer team, and formerly teaching PE at Chandler Creek, he transitions to teaching high school, and the Greer staff and atmosphere.  


Before teaching, Santos attended Spartanburg Methodist College and Newberry college.  He was drawn to the idea of teaching by his own history with teachers.  When asked why he became a teacher he stated, “Some of the best father figures in my life are teachers/coaches.”  On top of his inspiration, he teaches and cares for a kid of his own with his wife.  Making him an all around caring and experienced person when it comes to guiding students.


Some of the most rewarding work in teaching can be the relationships and dynamics a teacher can have with their students.  They are great leaders and carers, and with Santos’ history with our Soccer players, his experience in teaching, and his home life, he will be a great fit in our already benevolent staff.  Be sure to give him a warm welcome to his first year teaching at Greer.