Barista Alley: New and Improved


Olivia Moase, Staff Writer

Barista Alley, a local coffee shop and smoothie bar, located in downtown Greer, just reopened last Friday after their renovations. I asked them a few inside questions about their new look:

Why did you decide to renovate and what’s new withing the shop?

“We created a lot more space and removed one bar to open things up in here. We added about 6 more seating arrangements and added a new back splash to our kitchen.”

How do you personally like the new renovations?

“I love it. It is super nice, super clean, and roomy now.”

What do you love most about working at Barista Alley?

“The people that work with me make me really happy. I love our environment and the positive energy that the atmosphere brings out.”

Go give the new Barista Alley a visit!!