Big Moment of the Week: Saturday


Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

Saturday was one of the toughest days I have had in a long time. 8 years ago from Saturday the 30th, my grandma passed away. My grandma was my best friend and I miss her dearly. 

I had to close at 11 o’clock on Friday night, open at 8 o’clock Saturday morning, work 8 hours, and stay positive about the whole situation. When I got off work on Saturday, I picked up a special someone from work so that I would have someone with me when I got to the grave-site. 

When we got there, I grabbed my blanket and walked over to her. I sat down and just started crying; it’s like I could feel her with me. My special someone came over to me and held me and said, “She is with you right now, it’s all gonna be okay.” It started raining so we got into the car. As I was heading home, I started thinking about all the things we did together. My sisters, my brother, my special someone, and I made cookies. I opened up a puzzle and completed it in memory of my grandma. That day was so emotional but so memorable.