Big Moment of My Week: Sunday


Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

This Sunday was, quite honestly, such a blessed day. I was really struggling and I had to go to work 2-8. Even though I had such a dragging shift, so many great things happened that day.

First, I got to spend some time with someone I’m very close to for their birthday. I got to give her the gift I got her and it was honestly such a sweet moment. 

When I got to work later that day, there was a lady coming through my line with a larger order. We got to the end when she had to pay and she couldn’t find the right card. She told me she needed these groceries so she would have to use another card and skip her rent. Right before she finished her card transaction, the people she was with found her right card. She was so frazzled and stressed out that I had to calm her down with positive statements and let her know that it was a blessing she found it. 

Later in the day, a man came into my line with a smaller order. Around this time was when I was supposed to go on break, so I called my manager over to me so I could ask her a question. I asked her if I could call my parents to see if they could bring me something since I only had a few dollars in my account (because of some unfortunate events with my car.) The man who I was taking car of at my register overheard me and gave me four dollars. I tried to give it back but he was so persistent and so kind. I literally got teary eyes. 

Finally, around the time where I was about to get off of work, one of my “usuals” came in. She buys pickles all the time and she had came through my line with six large deli pickles. We were having a conversation and at the end of her transaction she gave me one of the pickles. She knows I love them but I tried to give it back because I hate when people give me and buy me things, but she handed it back and gave me a complement for my good service she receives every time she comes in my line. This really made my night and made me feel amazing. 

Sunday was my big day of the week and it brought me so many blessings and I appreciate every single one that I received.