Think Positive Column: Thanksgiving Edition

Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

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Personally, I am the most positive around this time of the year.

This is typically the happiest portion of the year for me as well. Thanksgiving is coming up which means LOTS of great food, spreading what we are thankful for, splitting the wishbone, etc. We also get a very nice break from school, and once we come back, it’s a few short weeks leading up to the absolute best break during the school year. Christmas is hands-down my favorite holiday, because of how many people are happy, joyful, the cute winter outfits, present exchanges, snow, and overall happy vibes. For me, I like to focus on the little things in day-to-day life that impact me positively, but staying positive is the easiest during holidays, especially Christmas! Keep your head up..this article is to prove how much we have to look forward to right now!