Academic Tournament at Dorman

Academic Tournament at Dorman

Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

This past weekend, Greer’s academic JV and Varsity team traveled to Dorman High School to compete in their annual novice tournament.  The academic team, finally having a JV this year, was able to not only win on Varsity, but also their newer JV side.

Junior, and new quiz bowl player, Jessie Vinkemulder, even got eighth best individual score for JV.  The Varsity team also placed ninth overall out of eighteen teams at the end of the tournament with 3 wins under their belt.  

The highlight however, was the Varsity cracking 500 points in one game, decimating the opposing team.  This is a benchmark for the Academic Team’s success and foreshadows more wins and more points ahead.

For readers, interested in joining the Academic Team come down to Mr. Morrison’s room on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:00 am.  All are welcome, and we are always looking for new members!