The Career Expo 2019 at Greer Was a Success!


Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Greer had its annual Career Expo. There were career tables set up all around the cafeteria with places like Sew Eurodrive and Greenville Tech. These different groups had pamphlets and little goodies to give out to students. They informed students about what they did and gave them multiple visuals of their different responsibilities. 

This event is held by Mr. Schwarts, the advanced manufacturing teacher at Greer High. He hopes that this could open the eyes of students who might have an interest in this career. He also helps every single one of his students get engaged in the topic and gives them tons of beneficial information for their future. 

Schwartz states, “They’ll take a technology course in freshman year where they make bridges and build rockets. The second course is introduction to manufacturing, which includes field trips and hands-on experiences using machines similar to those they will use at Bonds and in the manufacturing world.”

Schwartz goes above and beyond to let students, even those that aren’t in his classes, to be exposed to a whole different world of technology.