Morrison’s History Class Prepares for Test

Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

With the history benchmark coming up, Mr. Morrison, the law and IB History teacher, has made arrangements to prepare his students be as successful as possible. 

Mr. Morrison stated that he wanted to create a comfortable environment that is also conducive to learning — school, but relaxing — and a coffee shop was perfect for that.  These sessions which did not only have IB US History students, but also included his IB seniors. Morrison created a productive atmosphere, with ample help around, including other teachers such as Mr. Jenkins, another Greer High history teacher. 

These sessions were not just for getting a good grade on the EOC coming up, but also to spark curiosity in history “and the world,” as Mr. Morrison put it.  Mr. Morrison is breaking the mold of what school should be and goes well beyond just a promethean board and a pencil and paper.

Now hopefully his students nail this test.