Spirit Week Recap


Olivia Moase, Staff Writer

Spirit Week was based around a short time frame this year and because of that it went well. There were definitely some things that could have gone better and some things that went more than perfect! From Dynamic Duo, Mathlete vs. Athlete, Throwback Thursday, and the schools tradition, Farmer Friday, it was a great week for the school to come together and support school spirit.

Mr. Blackwell said, “There definitely could have been more student leadership and involvement than there was, but, there was some really sun planned events this year that I wish more people would’ve come out to enjoy and have some fun.”

Most people are saying that the trunk or treat event was their favorite activity and it was a great community outreach. Around 350 people showed up. It was a great chance to show people what the school put together and an even better chance for the school to give back to the community. To give even more to the community, Greer High School raised $20,000.00 together to give to charity, Pendleton Place!