Same Strategy, Different Scenario: Keeping My Head Held High

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

This past week has been crazy. I had car trouble, family issues, work complications, lack of sleep, etc. I have honestly struggled so much this past week. I feel like there is a weight trying to take me down. I’m not going to let it happen though. I’m standing tall on my feet. Keeping my head held high. Ignoring the negatives and embracing the positives. Complaining about it won’t fix anything so I might as well try my hardest to get through it all. Good things come to those who wait and I’m waiting patiently.  

My car will get fixed. My family is strong and we will be fine. Work will always have it’s ups and downs. My sleep will get better and I will get more of it in the long run. No need to stress about the things that I can’t change or fix. I’m alive and healthy and that is all that matters.