Support the Seniors: Greer Takes on Eastside at Dooley

Basia Scott, Staff Writer

Greer is set to take on Eastside High School at Dooley Field this Thursday due to inclement weather. Last week, Greer beat Berea 59-0. This was a blow out game and the Jackets hope to continue that momentum into their next game with East Side. Last year, Greer beat East Side 59-28.

Hollis Crosby passed for 126 yards with 9 complete passes and two touchdowns. Greer’s quarterback also got 61 yards on five carries, along with two more touchdowns. Crosby successfully lead the team to victory with four touchdowns. Additionally, all of Greer’s extra point kicks were good, one by Tyler Jasper and seven by George Hernandez.

This was exactly what the Jackets were looking for from Crosby, who has been the talk of Greer High after his astounding performance.

Avery Graham, defensive lineman, is feeling confident in the defense stating, “defense has had some really good practices this week.” He expressed that he felt this way, even with the schedule change. Graham also said, “Hudson Dix [right guard] has stepped up and taken Dan Parkkonen’s [sidelined for an ACL injury] position with his injury.” 

Greer will be looking to keep the energy from last week and this week’s practices at the game this Thursday to secure another win and a 3-6 record.