Junior Year: Coping with Stress

Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

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Junior year has always been framed as the most difficult year of all schooling. Between it being halfway through high school and having SATs and ACTs, it’s not a fun year. However, there are ways to make sure you aren’t over-stressing yourself, and to slow it down a bit. We all get eager as juniors, because this year shapes us for college the most, academically and with sports. There is a lot to juggle, but there are ways to cope. For me, the best ways to take care of my health and to remain calm are as followed:

-Build a relationship with your teachers; try hard in all your classes. Despite if you notice or not, they will take note of your efforts and that can help you throughout the class.

-Prioritize your time so you aren’t time-crunching every assignment and worrying yourself more in the long-run.

-Set at least an hour aside each night dedicated to self-care. Take a shower, listen to music, call a friend, etc.

-Just overall understand that one grade does not define you. If you make one C on an assignment, it doesn’t make you any less smart. Just try harder next time. One single assignment grade won’t worry you in 10 years, so why worry about it now?

Overall, try to enjoy high school to the best of your ability. Get out there, hangout with friends, do extracurriculars, etc. You will look back and thank yourself for living to its fullest potential.