Student Spotlight: Jayna De Pauw


Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

Jayna De Pauw is a student at Greer High who is a frequent traveler. The thing that she loves most about traveling is getting to see and experience something new and unconventional each time she travels to somewhere she has never been. Her favorite place so far has been the Netherlands because of everything being within walking and biking distance, the weather is not hot and muggy, and the food is amazing! The place she most likely would recommend is Iceland, because it is the most unique place she has been compared to living in South Carolina. She said that the scenery was amazing with the giant waterfalls, rainbows almost every day, and being able to see the Northern Lights if you go at the right time of the year. Everything is so quiet there and helps you think clearly. “The fact that there is just so much to see in the world makes me want to explore it. Why would I stay in one place my whole life when I have millions of miles to see?”