Stop Feeling Blue, Take Care of Me: Part 3

Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

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Although we hate stress as much as we do, it may be beneficial to us. It is like a wake-up call our body is using to tell us to slow down. So frequently in today’s society, stress is being dealt with. We try everything we can to prevent, reduce, and treat it, that we don’t realize its natural for us to get like this. Every once in a while, a human will find themselves overwhelmed whether it’s from school, sports, makeup work, parents, etc. In fact, stress can help us work more efficiently since we have our mind focused on one particular thing. It is also scientifically proven that it can help boost your memory! We just shouldn’t bash ourselves for stressing as long as we are trying the best we can. We are human and none of us are perfect. Just look at stress as a way to slow down and refocus your mind. Focus on the positives, try your hardest, and move on. You got it.