Jackets Look Towards Homecoming Game After Greenville Loss

Jackets Look Towards Homecoming Game After Greenville Loss

Basia Scott, Staff Writer

Last Friday night, the Greer Yellow Jackets lost their game against Greenville. The team got shut out, while Greenville put up 16 points. Greenville completed two rushing touchdowns, secured one extra point, and one field goal for their win.  This leaves Greer with a 1-5 season.

The game was rough for Greer. When the dust settled at Dooley field, the team was down three players. Raheim Jeter, the Yellow Jackets starting quarterback had a concussion. Ben Pearson, a defensive back had a concussion as well. Israel Rhodes, a running back had also severely sprained his ankle and will be out for the rest of the season. 

This comes on top of the loss of Cameron Martin against Union County, a defensive back/running back who will have to be out for the rest of his senior season due to an injury.  

When asked about the team’s performance, Daniel Parkkonen (offensive line) said, “We did really well at the start. But, by the second quarter we were very tired.” Parkkonen went on to say, “In the second half, we had a lot of hurt players.” This left the Jackets in a rough position and inevitably lead to their defeat. 

Parkkonen seemed optimistic though, keeping a hopeful tone for this weeks practice. Despite the loss of many important players in the past few weeks, Greer will be going into this week’s practice as they always do, with confidence and determination.