Greer Prepares to Beat Greenville


Basia Scott, Staff Writer

Last year, Greer beat Greenville 28-20. This Friday, the teams will meet up at Dooley Field in Greer. The outcome of the game is uncertain, but Greer has spent their bye week preparing for the game. 

The Yellow Jackets’ morale has been up. Brody Young, a senior center, was asked how he was feeling going into the game, “I feel pretty good about the game. I feel like we have gotten better.” This seems to be the feeling around the Hive; the players are buzzing with anticipation and have gained confidence over their bye week.

The team has been improving and working hard to improve during practice. When asked what steps the team has taken to improve coach Erie Williams, wide receiver coach, responded “We worked  on learning new things with our young guys that, hopefully, will help us get wins.” The goal of the Jackets is to secure a win, of course, but also to play better than their last game. Greer’s performance did not meet up with their potential at their last game against Union, having many incomplete passes, but they are looking to do better at their home game against Greenville.