Running for the Polls


Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

Pace Mosley is a cross country and track runner for Greer High. Recently he was on the Greer Hive Times poll against Coen Roberts and Austin Magara. Pace won with 55 out of 79 votes.

When asked how he felt about winning, Pace explained, “I felt pretty good because Coen, Austin, and I were all seeing who was going to win.”

Also when asked did you enjoy the spotlight, Pace stated, “I did in the moment but most of the time I don’t.”

Pace’s 5k personal record for cross country is 18:25. As he gets to the end of his races he always reminds himself to “push through it.” He enjoys cross country more then track, but he isn’t sure if he wants to have any future involvement with running. He currently wants to go to Greenville Tech and go into the mechatronic field.