So You Think You Can “Quiz” Bowl?


Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

For those that don’t know, the academic team is a club meeting Tuesday and Friday morning that competes in a quiz game, similar to Jeopardy, against schools across the district.  Academic team is a club run by “Pope,” Mr. Morrison, and with growing success is becoming one of the most exciting clubs to be part of.

Morrison encourages you to join!  They are a growing team that wishes to have two successful teams this year, especially for setting up next year.  With two seniors on their A team, it is increasingly important to find new members to fill their shoes, and you may be the one to carry on the tradition next year.

Though it sounds like more studying on top of your classes, the academic team is a great test of knowledge and teamwork.  Speaking as a member, and not a writer, the academic team has given me great friends and built upon relationships I already have with my peers across grades.  Morisson talks about how we are deeply motivated to fundraise, recruit, and study for tournaments, and are constantly looking for new faces to add to our armada.