Inspiring Fitness, Coach Barbare Wins “LIVEWELL” Award


Edwin Hammond, Staff Writer

Coach Barbare, working with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Healthy Schools Program was recognized for her accomplishments in PE, and received the “LIVEWELL” award this past week.  Barbare works to make PE engaging, yet still making her students accomplish an appropriate level of fitness. By assessing her students’ pacer test, push up test, and sit up test she sets goals for each of the students and works to accomplish them with activities which are not just good for exercise, but are also fun for students.  She even plays music during class to get the students involved and motivated. These strategies have proved effective as over the years she has been here, student engagement has increased.  

Outside of school, Barbare encourages students to get involved in sports if they seem really enthusiastic about sports in school.  She brings up church leagues, the YMCA, and even school sports. Programs encouraged by a good PE program can lead to a more well rounded student, with many activities under their belt.  College opportunities can form, and just a healthier and happier person.

Some exciting news for PE too: Coach Barbare received a grant for an obstacle course recently.  Inspired by the TV show “American Ninja Warrior” Greer now has “Greer Ninja Warrior.”  The course will be part of an upcoming unit for students, so look forward to competing on the course, beating your friends’ times, and winning a prize very soon!