Minecraft is Cool

Emily Robertson, Staff Writer

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Minecraft is back and popping all over again. Back in 2009, the survival, creative, building game was extremely popular and for the following years after it continued to be. It continued to grow and update until it slowed down around 2017 when the memes started forming on social media. It wasn’t really heard of to play the game until recently. There has been a jump in players and activity and the question is, why? 

When asked why do you think Minecraft is popular again, 6th grader, Lila Robertson said, “There is not another game like it. You can build whatever you want and you can just let your imagination go anywhere.”

Minecraft is slowly starting to reach the top trending games like Fortnite. It has lots of updates like different blocks, villagers, and animals that have brought attention to new players. They have a lot of online servers to play with friends like Survival games, The Hunger Games, and Parkour games. You can buy and download all different skins, texture packs, and mods to make your game a reality.