Stop Feeling Blue, Take Care of You!

Stop Feeling Blue, Take Care of You!

Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

One of the biggest issues in this day and age is mental health, and needs to be brought more awareness. We are all learning how to cope with it, and we all have different approaches. To use this as an example, I interviewed three of the best candidates, in my opinion.

Our mental health counselor, Mrs. Flynn, said her top three things are as followed:

  1. Praying, if you’re religious.
  2. Listening to music.
  3. Spending time with her husband.


Mr Ridlehoover, the freshman counselor, said he enjoys:

  1. Exercising.
  2. Finding friends to talk to.
  3. Focus on the positive and cancel out the negative. He used the example of “feed the positive dog and starve the negative dog.


Lastly, Mr. Goubert, the *best* Spanish teacher, said:

  1. Maintaining a positive attitude.
  2. Go running!
  3. Spend time with a loved one.