What You Need To Become A VSCO Girl

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What You Need To Become A VSCO Girl

Olivia Moase, Staff Writer

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  1. Every VSCO girl needs a Hydro Flask to make bracelets on the lid too.
  2. Of course, you can’t forget to get a puka shell necklace and never take it off.
  3. Wear an oversized hoodie and Graphic T-shirts daily.
  4. Make sure to own an excessive amount of scrunchies.
  5. Put stickers on every mirror and laptop that you own.
  6. Own as many crop tops as you can.
  7. DO NOT forget to save the turtles. get those reusable straws.
  8. You must use at least one product of Mario Badescu.
  9. Say “sksksksk” when you get excited.
  10. Also, say “and I oop” for absolutely no reason.
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