Freshmen March Towards a New Season


Basia Scott, Featured Writer

Marching Band is an activity that takes a lot of time and dedication. As the new class came to Greer, the Marching Band got new members! The Greer Hive Times wanted to know how the freshmen felt about their band experience. 

When asked what made them want to join, half of the Rookies said that they wanted to advance their musicianship in some way. 

Dante Blair, a freshman who joined marching band in eight grade, said, “ getting on the field, having that nerve and excitement at the same time, and at the end everyone is clapping, it puts a smile on your face,” when asked what his favorite part of marching band was. 

All of the Rookies said that they were excited for their first competition this week at Mauldin. 

Adrian Morales said the best thing he learned so far in marching band was, “how to march.”

Thank you to Dante Blair, Adrian Morales, Madison Tucker, and Mckenzie Paris for taking time after practice to be interviewed for this article!