E-boys Are All the Craze on TikTok These Days

E-boy posing by himself in his room

E-boy posing by himself in his room

Basia Scott, Staff Writer

E-boys are all the craze on TikTok these days. E-boys are teenage boys who dress in multi layered dark colored clothing, wear chains as belts, and 90s haircuts. These boys often smoke cigarettes only for the aesthetic, but end up addicted anyway. They spend a lot of time posing of picture by themselves in public areas. They also spend a lot of time by themselves in dark rooms with color changing LED strip lights taking videos. They often take videos of themselves staring into the camera and almost mindlessly lipsync to popular sound on TikTok.

These boys easily get “famous” on the TikTok app, mainly because many girls find them attractive. Girls often comment on their videos, calling them handsome and begging to be in a relationship with them. While this is something that would probably never happen, girls persist. 

These boys could easily be considered posers because they are hopping onto a trend in hopes of getting famous. They are normal guys who probably do not dress in grunge clothing everyday. Some of these boys are no doubt attractive, without a cringey eye roll and head tap, but the overall idea of someone being just like hundreds of other guys on an app is not attractive. Every content creator should strive to be unique and authentic to themselves.