Bertollo Leads the Seniors to Success


Bertollo organize bus schedules

Emily Robertson , Staff Writer

Mr. Bertollo is the new administrator for the 12th graders. Bertollo taught grades 10th and 11th in Tampa, Florida for 10 years. He then moved to Greenville and taught at Hillcrest for another 9 years and eventually worked as an administrator at League Academy. This is Bertollo’s 24th year teaching/advising as he is attending his first year here. 

When asked what was his first impression of Greer High, Bertollo stated, “When I first walked in I couldn’t believe how clean and kept it was. The staff and faculty are like one big family, it’s so nice. No negatives at all.”

The first couple of days Bertollo was staying busy working out bus schedules for students and solving the problems that they were having. 

Bertollo’s transition from middle school to high school was very different. He explained, “The maturity level is way different and the middle schoolers are a bit more sensitive. I was excited to be back in a high school though. Seeing them make incredible decisions and knowing they have their life ahead of them makes me happy. The Friday football games excite me as well.”

Bertollo has a strong connection with high school seniors because he wasn’t able to walk the stage and graduate. Unfortunately the day of his graduation, a hurricane hit his area and literally wiped away the stage. Because of this unfortunate event, he enjoys watching the seniors walk the stage. He states, “I love putting them in order for graduation, it’s always the best night. Getting to say goodbye to everyone is truly a special moment.”