An Update: Sports & Stress


Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

I believe that sports can really help deal with stress. Speaking from personal experience, it is the best coping mechanism. I’ve played soccer for almost 11 years now, and I’m taking my first travel ball season off. I’ve dealt with more anxiety since then, and I’ve been more anxious. Not only that, but my muscles have gotten weaker and I’ve gotten leg cramps. All of this is normal considering I usually play year-round, for the past 8 years. However, you can prevent all of these things from happening by continuing playing. It helps you grow close with people with similar interests, which is true, because I call them my second-family. You guys will spend lots of time together between practices, games, and team-bonding days. If you have not already, you should consider signing up for a sport. If you are already in a sport, you should play travel sports. Although it is pricey, it can help you lead to college offers and lots of fun traveling. You won’t regret it!