Welcoming Hardy to the Greer High Party


Welcomes students into his class

Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

Mr. Hardy is a first-year teacher here at Greer High School. He is our new Special Ed. teacher. The questions I asked him are as followed:
1.)  How was the transition of being an administrator to a teacher? It is different, to say the least.  As an administrator, you are constantly observing teachers and students, but do not have the same amount of time to really get to know everyone.  You will be more familiar with some teachers and students but in a different role.  I love being in the classroom and really getting to know the students and help in any way I can.  
2.) How was your first week here at GHS?  I have had a great first week.  The staff and students are very friendly and helpful to the “new guy.”  
3.) What excites you most about this 2019-2020 school year? To get to connect to some students and staff at a deeper level and hopefully moving students to reach their goals of getting all their credits needed for their next step.  “Get 4” each semester. 
4.) What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I am a family guy and love spending time with them.  Our home is the gathering place for everyone because they are always welcome.  We love to cook, play games, and just “hang out” on the porch.  Personally, I love to read.  I read about 20 books a year, but when I was younger I was in a reading support class and a teacher found just the right book series for me and I read all of them.  
We are excited to have you here, Mr. Hardy!