Welcoming Ridlehoover to His New Position


Mr. Ridlehoover prepares to meet with his students

Taylor Williams, Staff Writer

Mr. Ridlehoover was a new teacher here at GHS last year. After one year of teaching math, he moved onto counseling. He worked with 7th grade math as well as 9th grade math. Through his time working with students, he realized math wasn’t his passion. He went back to get a degree in counseling. He enjoys working with students and helping them!

His first impression of Greer High was described as great. “The students were nice, the teachers and staff were accommodating, and it was a great first year because of the students.” His first few days in the new position has been a pleasant surprise. It was very hectic, but he is “having a blast.” He has met with numerous 9th grade students ready to figure out their schedule and prepare for their academic career goals.

He moved from the math department to counseling because of his interest in interacting with students, and he deemed it as a better fit for himself. Counseling was a passion for him starting a couple of years ago, and he got his masters in school counseling from Liberty University. A position opened up recently, and he was quick to jump on the offer. He would like to stay at Greer because of his interest of the school. We are glad to have you, Mr. Ridlehoover!